Digital Farmers Cooperative from Africa

Agroponto is a platform for connecting everyone involved in food value chain. As a Virtual Farmers Market, Agroponto connects urban and rural areas, farms and markets to improve the food value chain. All kinds of individuals, companies and associations involved in the food value chain can participate and offer their services to each other, including farmers, cooperatives, agro input dealers, poultry farmers, fishermen, wholesalers and market sellers, delivery companies and agricultural equipment rental services etc. You can also advertise the services you are looking for as a buyer of services.

It is easy to use.

Download the application and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can create and upload advertisement for what you want to sell or buy. If you do not have a smartphone, you can still use Agroponto’s services. We have a call centre where you can call and we will register you as a user. If you are looking for sellers or buyers, the call centre can find them for you.

More than 36,000 members

In Mozambique, more than 30,000 members were using the Agroponto services, with a cumulative total of more than 6,000,000 MZN transactions as of August 2022. In Senegal, more than 6,000 members and 5,000,000 CFA transactions were recorded as well. For example, one cooperative located in Calanga, Manhiça district in southern Mozambique, had a large quantity of beans that had been stored in a warehouse for several months because they could not find a wholesaler; Agroponto enabled them to get to know wholesalers in Zimpeto and they were able to sell 8 tonnes at a time.

Market sellers working at the local market

This is also the case in Manhiça district. Market sellers working at the local market used to buy produce from Zimpeto’s wholesale market and bring it back to their local market and sell. Now that there is Agroponto, they first use Agroponto to buy and sell neighbouring produce.

In southern Mozambique, dozens of new users are currently joining Agroponto every day. The variety of information on what to sell and what to buy is increasing every day.